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1 June 01, 2020

1. Leonid V. Berezin
Improved Methodology for the Analysis of Space Information on the Solar Energy Absorption by Terrestrial Ecosystems

Biogeosystem Technique, 2020, 7(1): 3-37.
DOI: 10.13187/bgt.2020.1.3CrossRef

The article outlines the satellite images using principles by the solar radiation full spectrum absorption analysing, including both the near and middle infrared ranges, which can currently be used by any land users. Since 1980, American researchers A. Gitelson et al. and P.S. Thenkabail et al. began to use the methodology based on the laboratory spectrometers studying of the plants leaf apparatus area, the water content, as well as for the chlorophyll and other components in plants. Very important result was a wheat rust (Puccinia) remote diagnosis. Since 2010, they began to install the devices on unmanned aerial vehicles, and then on airplanes. In 2015-2017, American researchers, together with Indian scientists, conducted a survey using the above-mentioned technique to separate the annual and perennial field crop sections in several regions of India. German researchers applied the same technique to study the system of wheat fertilizer application. Already in 1980, the Russian scientists at Omsk State Agrarian University substantiated the possibility of studying the abovementioned issues, but using standard satellite imagery. Since 2004, the Russian scientists at Omsk State Agrarian University began to use their sophisticated analysis by image clustering in various natural zones of the Middle Priirtyshye. It was found that the most informative is the mid-infrared range of the solar radiation spectrum. This makes it possible to distinguish the field crops and soil types differences. At the same time, the possibility of the automorphic and hydromorphic agroecosystems state diagnosing was established. Both when used in field crop rotation and in a fall state. The factors were determined of the feasibility and priority of the arable lands re-development into arable land.

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2. Ibrahim Muhammad Magaji, Wali Umar
Spatial Distribution of Petrol Filling Stations in Bauchi Town, Bauchi State, Nigeria

Biogeosystem Technique, 2020, 7(1): 38-44.
DOI: 10.13187/bgt.2020.1.38CrossRef

The locations of petrol retail stations in Bauchi Town does not seem to be in compliance with the requirement of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) that distance between any two stations should not be less than four hundred (400 m). This study evaluated the compliance of the filling stations with this requirement. This was achieved by obtaining, from the DPR, a list of all the approved stations in the Town and their non-spatial attributes, measuring and mapping their coordinates, and appraising the spatial distribution of the stations. Garmin Handheld GPS receiver was used to obtain required coordinates. The Google Earth satellite image of the Town (downloaded using Terra Incognita 2.4 Software) was georeferenced and overlaid on the scanned analogue map of the Town that was similarly georeferenced. On screen digitization for the update of the township roads, plotting of the locations in the stations, buffering, and the Average Nearest Neighborhood analysis were undertaken with ArcGis 10.1 Software. The results suggest that there are 73 filing stations in the Town. Out of these, 60 % were clustered along out bound roads while 58 % violated the 400m requirement by the DPR. Better synergy between the DPR, the Ministry of Lands and Survey, and the State Development Board is suggested to ensure total compliance with DPR regulations in the future. Physical development control and location allocation should be enhanced by migrating from analogue GIS guided operations. Existing stations should be compelled to comply with all public safety regulations at all times to forestall any negative consequence of the already violated regulation.

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