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Issued from 2014.

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1Rashid Saeed[Pakistan], Muhammad Ishfaq[Pakistan], Urooj Ishfaque[Pakistan], Zeeshan Fareed[Pakistan], Bushra Zulfiqar[Pakistan], Farrukh Shahzad[Pakistan]Effect of Greenhouse Gases on Agriculture Production in Pakistan2014, September1386
2Valery Kalinichenko[Russia]Biogeosystem Technique as a Problem2014, September1329
3Valery Kalinichenko[Russia]Biogeosystem Technique as a Base of the New World Water Strategy2014, December1270
4Valery I. Glazko[Russia]Genomics and Geobiosystems2014, December1269
5Evgeny Shein[Russia], Evgeny Milanovskiy[Russia]Soil Structure Formation: Role of the Soil Amphiphilic Organic Matter2014, December1259
6Leonid V. Berezin[Russia]Scientific Basis of the Adaptive Landscape Reclamation Farming Systems2014, September1254
7Olga S. Bezuglova[Russia], Anastasiya E. Shimko[Russia]The Use of Lignite and Compost-based Sewage Sludge as a Fertilizer and Soil Ameliorants2014, September1248
8Fedor N. Lisetsky[Russia], Jeanne A. Buryak[Russia], Olesya I. Grigoreva[Russia], Olga A. Marinina[Russia], Larisa V. Martsinevskaya[Russia]Implementation of the Basin-Administrative and Ecoregional Approaches to Environmentally Oriented Arrangement Inter-settlement Areas of the Belgorod Region2015, March1241
9Evgeny V. Shein[Russia], Natalia S. Kukharuk[Russia], Sofia S. Panina[Russia]Soil Water Retention Curve: Experimental and Pedotransfer Data to Forecast Water Movement in Soils2014, September1226
10Nguyen Van Thinh[Vietnam], Alla A. Okolelova[Russia]Protected Natural Areas of South Vietnam – Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve2014, December1203

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